(Advanced) Data Structures 2020 :: László Kozma :: Freie Universität Berlin
(Advanced) Data Structures 2020
László Kozma, Institut für Informatik, Freie Universität Berlin


  • 19. April 2020 -- first lecture/exercise uploaded
  • 31. March 2020 -- Lectures to start 21th April, probably mostly online/remote. More information soon.
  • 12. March 2020 -- NOTE: The COVID-19 situation will likely cause some delay/disruption, stay safe and informed.


  • Lectures: Tuesday and Thursday 10-12 online (recorded) with weekly Q&A Tuesday 10:15.
  • Exercise sessions: Wednesday 14-16. Instructor: Katharina Klost.
  • Some organisational info on course KVV page.
  • Exercise sheets: one per week (except last 1-2), one mini-project in second half of course.


  1. Organization.
    Basic data structures and models. Heaps. [draft notes]
  2. Amortized analysis recap. [notes-amortized]
    Skew (self-adjusting) heaps. [notes-skew]
  3. Soft heaps and selection. [notes-soft] [structured-selection]
  4. Number systems and de-amortization. [nr-systems]
    Augmented trees and applications. [augmented]
  5. Range minimum queries. [rmq-notes] [cart-tree]
  6. Finger trees and applications. [finger-notes]

Next planned -- tentative:

- Dynamic order maintenance
- Online problems, competitiveness, paging problem
- Splay trees, entropy and static optimality
- Tango trees, dynamic optimality
- Geometry of binary search trees
- Succinct data structures
- Link/cut trees and dynamic graph problems
- Bitprobe schemes

Further possible topics -- very tentative

- Pattern avoidance, Persistence, External memory, Strings, Hashing, Approximate counting/membership, Integer RAM, Lower bounds

[Videos via KVV page]


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