Kurt Gödel: Philosophical Views

Workshop and Blockseminar, Dep. of Mathematics and Computer Science, FU Berlin

Workshop (Feb 27)

Organization: Prof. Dr. Christoph Benzmüller (FU Berlin & U Luxembourg)

On Januar 14, 1978, Kurt Gödel, one of the greatest logicians of all times passed away. Today, nearly half a century later, we have still not exhaustively explored, discussed and conclusively assessed all of Gödel's visionary ideas. With this informal, one-day workshop we provide a forum for interested scientists from various disciplines to meet and discuss unexplored aspects in Gödel's work. A particular focus will be on his philosophical views.

Pictures of the event

Workshop Programm: Wednesday, February 27

08:45-09:00: Welcome and Introduction
09:00-10:00: Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Engelen (Konstanz)
Kurt Gödel's ›Maximen Philosophie‹. An Overview (abstract) (slides: please contact the author)
10:00-10:30: Coffee
10:30-11:30: Prof. Dr. Srećko Kovač (Zagreb)
Evidence, Modalities, and Causation in Gödel's Formal Philosophy (abstract) (slides: please contact the author)
11:30-12:00: Dr. Emil Weydert (Luxembourg)
Kurt Gödel and the Foundations of Set Theory (abstract) (slides)
12:00-13:30: Lunch
13:30-14:30: Prof. Dr. Jan von Plato (Helsinki)
Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems in the Light of his Shorthand Notebooks (abstract) (slides: please contact the author)
14:30-15:00: Coffee
15:00-16:00: Dr. Oliver Passon (Wuppertal)
Incompleteness and Quantum Theory (abstract) (slides)
16:00-16:30: Coffee
16:30-17:30: Prof. Dr. Christoph Benzmüller (Berlin)
What Kind of Ultrafilter is Gödel's God? (abstract) (slides)
17:30-17:50: Further Planned Activities: Berlin Gödel Award – Short Presentation by Rene Talbot
17:50-18:15: Final Discussion

The workshop received support from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of FU Berlin, the Institute of Informatics of FU Berlin, the Berlin Mathematics Research Center MATH+, and the Kurt Gödel Freundeskreis Berlin.

Blockseminar (Feb 26, Feb 28, Mar 1)


Prof. Dr. Christoph Benzmüller (FU Berlin)
Prof. Dr. Srećko Kovač (IPh Zagreb)
Dr. Oliver Passon (U Wuppertal)

Students from FU Berlin present and discuss selected works of Kurt Gödel.

Tuesday, February 26

  10:15-10:30: Welcome and Introduction
  10:30-11:15: (Sandra Takano) Life of Kurt Gödel – Part I (abstract) (slides) (paper)
  11:15-12:00: (Nadja Suleiman) Life of Kurt Gödel – Part II (abstract)
  12:00-13:30: Lunch
  13:30-14:15: (Valeria Zahoransky) Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem (abstract) (slides) (paper)
  14:15-15:00: (Hannah Troppens) Implications of Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems (abstract) (slides) (paper)

Wednesday, February 27

  Gödel-Workshop; see above

Thursday, February 28

  09:00-09:15: Welcome
  09:15-10:00: (Manuel Heurich) Gödel's Rationalism and Realism (abstract) (slides) (paper)
  10:00-10:45: (Jessica Lynn Concepcion) Gödel's 14 Philosophical Viewpoints – Part 1 (abstract) (slides) (paper)
  10:45-11:15: Break
  11:15-12:00: (Laura Witt) Gödel's 14 Philosophical Viewpoints – Part 2 (abstract) (slides) (paper)
  12:00-12:45: (Cedric Laier) Evolution of Gödel's Philosophical Viewpoints (abstract) (slides) (paper)
  12:45-14:00: Lunch
  14:00-14:45: (Irina Makarenko) Intuitionistic Logic versus Classical Logic – Gödel's Interpretation and Conjectures (abstract) (slides) (paper)
  14:45-15:30: (Leon Dirmeier) Further Works based on Gödel's "Eine Interpretation des Intuitionistischen Aussagenkalküls" (abstract) (slides) (paper)

Friday, March 1

  09:00-09:15: Welcome
  09:15-10:00: (Filip Tolovski) Special and General Relativity Theory (abstract) (slides) (paper)
  10:00-10:45: (Thomas Harms) Gödel's Notion of Idealistic Time (abstract) (slides) (paper)
  10:45-11:15: Break
  11:15-12:00: (Alexander Zachrau) Gödel's Ontological Argument – Contextualisation and Reception (abstract) (slides)
  12:00-12:45: Reflection and Final Discussion

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