The Life of Kurt Gödel - Part II (1934-1978)

Nadja Suleiman (Freie Universität Berlin)

This talk gives an overview of Kurt Gödel's life starting from his return to Europe in 1934 after having been lecturing at the IAS in Princeton to his final days in 1978. Firstly we'll focus on the second half of the most turbulent decade of his life: the mid to late 1930s with all the political atrocities in Germany, Gödel's intercontinental travels to Princeton and Notre Dame, his marriage with Adele Porkert and some of the psychological troubles he went through. The talk will then shed light on Gödel's emigration to the U.S., his work in Princeton, his general living circumstances and his friendship with the famous physicist Albert Einstein, him finally being accepted as a professor at the IAS and some of the awards he received. Lastly we'll take a quick look at the final two decades of Gödel's life with his growing reclusion and his deteriorating mental and physical health.

(This talk will be held in German)

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