The Video "Geodesics and Waves"

Konrad Polthier, Markus Schmies,
Martin Steffens, Christian Teitzel

CubeFlow_Anim_sml.gif (183985 Byte)Branching of a wave on a polyhedral surface. Here is a video with voice and sound (10.5MB, 2.8MB).

The video Geodesics and Waves introduces topics of our recent work on numerical methods on arbitrary surfaces, their discretization and their visualization. It is the third in a series of videos produced at the department Experimental Mathematics and Visualization at the Sonderforschungsbereich 288 on Differential Geometry and Quantum Physics at the Technical University of Berlin, compare [1][2], presenting research results from the area of mathematics and visualization. It premiered at Siggraph'97 Electronic Theater in Los Angeles, and received the Science Award of the Multimedia Grand Prix '97 (NICOGRAPH CG Grand Prix) in Japan. Since then it won prizes at further international video festivals.



  • Straightest Geodesics
  • Visualization and Video
  • Numerical Simulation

Geodesics On Polyhedral Surfaces

  • Straightest Geodesics on Polyhedral Surfaces
  • Discrete Runge-Kutta Method
  • Branched Texture Maps for Visualization of Waves

Scenes from the Video

  • Images, Comments, and Video Excerpts



Further Reading and Literature

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