Literature on Geodesics and Waves

The videos [1] and [2] are from the collection of mathematical videos produced at the Sonderforschungsbereich 288. The research papers [3] and [4] describe the mathematical and computer graphical theory behind the video "Geodesics and Waves" and include references to further literature.

[1] A. Arnez, K. Polthier, M. Steffens and C. Teitzel Palast der Seifenhäute (German version) published by Bild der Wissenschaft and Komplett Media 1995,  Touching Soap Films (English version) published by Springer Verlag 1999, Video 41 min.

[2] M. Heil Pictures of Constant Mean Curvature Tori Video 5 min, Siggraph'95 Video Review.

[3] K. Polthier, M. Schmies Straightest Geodesics on Polyhedral Surfaces in: Mathematical Visualization, H.C. Hege and K. Polthier (Eds.), pp. 135-150, Springer Verlag 1998.

[4] K. Polthier, M. Schmies Geodesic Flow on Polyhedral Surfaces Proceedings of Eurographics-IEEE Symposium on Scientific Visualization '99, Springer Verlag 1999.

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