Finite Simple Groups and Algebraic Groups:
Representations, Geometries and Applications
Summer School

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Organizers: Barbara Baumeister (Berlin), Gernot Stroth (Halle)

Scientific Advisors: Chris Parker (Birmingham), Gary Seitz (Eugene)

Date and Duration: from 31.08.2009 to 10.09.2009

The summer school will be held at a lovely neighbourhood of Berlin in Hotel Müggelsee

The aim of this summer school is to provide an introduction to current research topics in group theory
such as the Classification of finite simple groups, Algebraic groups, Representations of groups,
Computer algebra, Groups and geometries, Combinatorial group theory and Probabilistic group theory.

The Participants should be PhD - students and postdocs in areas related to the subject.
There will be four long lectures a day and one problem seminar. An excursion will take place on September 6.
The participants have the possibility to present a poster.

Courses by:

M. Aschbacher

Subgroup structure of finite simple groups

P. Diaconis:

Applications of Group Representations

G. Hiss: Representations of finite groups of Lie Type
J. Jantzen: Representation of algebraic groups and their Lie algebras
M. Kassabov: Presentations of finite simple groups
M. Liebeck: Conjugacy classes in algebraic groups
R. Lyons: Structure of simple groups
A. Makhnev: Symmetric graphs and their automorphisms
J. Michel:

Complex reflection groups and finite groups of Lie type (Lecture I, Lecture II)

B. Mühlherr: Groups with root data
S. Shpectorov: Amalgams and (their) completions
I. Suprunenko:

The behaviour of unipotent elements in modular representations of algebraic groups
and connections with linear groups

J. Thompson:

The Divisor matrix, SL(2,Z), Dirichlet Space, and the Dirichlet ring!

R. Weiss: The classification of affine buildings (Lecture , Problems)

Special lectures by:

R. Guralnick, C. Parker and G. Seitz

Here you find the Poster, Programm, Seminars

Preparatory Reading:


Please send your application by email to
It should include
1) e-mail address and institution.
2) A CV including publication list if applicable.
3) date of the last exam passed, and either title of your thesis or a projected title as well as a short abstract.
4) Short letter of motivation stating why you would benefit from the summer school.

The cost for a double room for students will be 93.50 Euro per day including all meals.
There is a conference fee of 100 Euro. We can cover the costs of accommodation and meals for about 40 participants.
We will try to get at least partial support for further students.

Participants who would like to receive financial support should apply before April 15. All others should apply before May 15.

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