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Prof. Dr. Daniel Göhring

Autonomous Vehicles
Freie Universität Berlin
Dahlem Center for Machine Learning and Robotics

Room E019   Phone: 030 838 75128
Arnimallee 7   Fax: 030 838 465301
14195 Berlin   E-Mail:   daniel.goehring@fu-...
    Projectpage: https://autonomos.inf.fu-berlin.de/

Prof. Göhring is on the faculty of the Computer Science Department at Freie Universität Berlin. His research focuses on robotic perception, localization, machine learning, and planning using mobile robots with cameras, lidar sensors and actuators.

He likes to solve real world problems with limited computational resources and under real-time constraints. He has worked with a variety of two- and four-legged robots, service robots as the PR2, and foremost with autonomous vehicles.

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