Computer Systems & Telematics Embedded Sensor Boards


Matthias Wählisch, Sebastian Meiling, Thomas C. Schmidt,
A Framework for Nation-Centric Classification and Observation of the Internet,
In: Proc. of the 6th ACM SIGCOMM International Conference on emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies (CoNEXT'10). Student Workshop, New York:ACM, 2010.

Abstract: The Internet has matured to a mission-critical infrastructure, and recently attracted much attention at political and legal levels in many countries. Civil actions regarding the Internet infrastructure require a thorough understanding of the national components of the global Internet to foresee possible impacts of regulations and operations at a country-level. In this paper we report on a methodology, tool chain and results for identifying and classifying a 'national Internet'. We argue for the importance to consider individual IP-blocks and quantify the effects of our proposed approach. The methods have been applied to identify a 'German Internet', but are designed general enough to work for most countries, as well.

Themes: Internet Measurement and Characteristics


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