Group Theory in Berlin

19-21 September 2019

“Group Theory in Berlin” was a 3-day conference that aimed to bring together a diverse range of researchers in both finite and infinite group theory.

There were a wide variety of lectures from invited speakers, as well as the opportunity for participants to give short talks. Here is the conference poster.

and the conference photo.

Invited Speakers

Michel Broué (Paris) Frieder Ladisch (Rostock)
Dikran Dikranjan (Udine) Daria Lytkina (Novosibirsk)
Bettina Eick (Braunschweig) Chris Parker (Birmingham)
Hélène Esnault (Berlin) Rebecca Waldecker (Halle)
Wolfgang Herfort (Wien) Alexandre Zalesski (Minsk)
Benjamin Klopsch (Düsseldorf)

We would like to thank the Freie Universitat Berlin and the Einstein Stiftung for hospitality and support.