Book on Mathematical Visualization (Vismath 1997)
Cover of Book Visualization and Mathematics

Hans-Christian Hege
Konrad Polthier (Eds.)

Mathematical Visualization is a young new discipline. It offers efficient visualization tools to the classical subjects of mathematics, and applies mathematical techniques to problems in computer graphics and scientific visualization.

Mathematical visualization started in the interdisciplinary area of differential geometry, numerical mathematics, and computer graphics. In recent years, the methods developed have found important applications, and the subject has evolved to a discipline in its own right. The current volume is the quintessence of an international workshop in September 1997 in Berlin, focusing on recent developments in this emerging area. Experts present selected research work on new algorithms for visualization problems, describe the application and experiments in geometry, and develop new numerical or computer graphical techniques.

The book is the second in a series of publications on this subject. It offers the reader insight to latest research and developments in this fascinating new area.

We thank Eduard Gröller, Thomas Kucera, and Helwig Löffelmann for contributing the dynamics of the Poincare flow as part of the book cover.


Numerical Meshes and Visualization with contributions by P.Cignoni, T.Ertl, R.Grosso, N.Heußer, M.Kohler, C.Montani, H.Müller, M.Rumpf, D.Ruprecht, R.Scopigno
Geometry and Numerics with contributions by G.Dziuk, G.Glaeser, E.Gröller, K.Große-Brauckmann, T.Hoffmann, J.E.Hutchinson, W.Kühn, R.B.Kusner, K. Polthier, M.Schmies, J.M.Sullivan
Graphics Algorithms and Implementations with contributions by J.Döllner, K.Hinrichs, A.Inselberg, H.P.Seidel, P.Slusallek, M.Stamminger, I.Sterling, T.Sterling, A.C.Telea, C.W.A.M.van Overveld
Geometric Visualization Techniques with contributions by U.Axen, H.Edelsbrunner, G.Francis, J.C.Hart, C.Hartman, R.T.Rau, D.Roseman, H.Ruder, J.M.Sullivan, D.Weiskopf
Vector Fields and Flow Visualization with contributions by K.Brodlie, E.Gröller, H.Hagen, H.C.Hege, H.Krüger, T.Kucera, H.Löffelmann, A.Lopes, G.Scheuermann, D.Stalling, L.Testard


Scientific Visualization, Numerical Mathematics, Scientific Computing, Computer Graphics

1998, 391 pp., 187 figs., 46 figs. in color, hardcover
Springer Verlag Heidelberg ISBN 3-540-63991-8

Editor at Springer: Dr. Martin Peters

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