Teaching - A Brief Résumé

A mathematician must wear many hats (this is a joke!), and in addition to the research, I greatly enjoy teaching (and hope that some of my students enjoy my teaching too). It seems customary to provide a list of courses one has taught, and who am I to defy tradition? Below are the courses I have had the good fortune of teaching.

FU Berlin (Lecturer)
Summer 2020 The Probabilistic Method (Discrete Mathematics III)
Winter 2017 Stochastik I (lehramtsbezogen)
Summer 2017 Designs and Codes (Discrete Mathematics III)
Winter 2016 Algorithmic Combinatorics (Discrete Mathematics II)
Summer 2016 Discrete Mathematics I (in part)
Winter 2015 Extremal Combinatorics (Discrete Mathematics II)

FU Berlin (Teaching Assistant)
Winter 2020 Discrete Mathematics Seminar
Winter 2019 Discrete Mathematics III Seminar
Winter 2018 Discrete Mathematics III Seminar
Winter 2017 Discrete Mathematics III Seminar
Winter 2016 Discrete Mathematics III Seminar
Winter 2015 Discrete Mathematics III Seminar
Summer 2015 Constructive Combinatorics (Discrete Mathematics III)
Summer 2015 Discrete Mathematics Masters' Seminar
Winter 2014 Algorithmic Combinatorics (Discrete Mathematics II)

ETH Zürich (Teaching Assistant)
Spring 2014 Probabilistic Method in Combinatorics
Autumn 2013 Topics in Discrete Mathematics

UCLA (Teaching Assistant)
Spring 2013 Math 131A: Analysis
Winter 2013 Math 3C: Probability for Life Science Students
Fall 2012 Math 3C: Probability for Life Science Students
Spring 2012 Math 180: Combinatorics
Winter 2012 Math 180: Combinatorics
Fall 2011 Math 170A: Probability Theory
Spring 2011 Math 131B: Analysis
Winter 2011 Math 131A: Analysis
Fall 2010 Math 31A: Differential Calculus and Integration and Infinite Series
Spring 2010 Math 32B: Calculus of Several Variables
Winter 2010 Math 61: Introduction to Discrete Structures
Fall 2009 Math 32A: Calculus of Several Variables

I apologise if I misled you with the 'History' link, but I have never taught a history class, and perhaps that is for the best.