Introduction to CGAL

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1 General info and Contact Details

1.1 Meetings

In general we will meet Fridays, 14:15-15:45. Classes won't take place every week so stay tuned!

Next meeting: 08.02.2013

!!! 18.01.2013: Progress presentations !!! .

New! 01.03.2013, 14:00--17:00: Final project presentations ! .

1.2 Instructors:

Write an email to either Panos Giannopoulos or Dror Atariah in order to set a meeting. We are rather flexible but a meeting has to be set in advance.

You can find us in Takustr. 9, rooms 122 and 121.

1.3 Procedures

  • When submitting a source code use the following naming convention: Assign_xx_Ex_yy_Your_full_name.cpp
  • Home assignments have to submitted in due time.
  • Only the final project will be graded.
  • Course's number is: 19517o, in Module Porjekt 9.

2 Resources

2.1 Installation tips:

You can find some installation tips here.

2.2 CGAL Manual

Your best friend during this semester.

3 Projects

!!! New !!!

In this document you can find a list of possible projects. You should forms groups of 2-3 students and each group should choose one project. Further details on the projects and related procedures will be posted here later.

4 Remarks on the lectures and exercises

4.1 Lecture #1:

Here you can find the slides

4.2 Exercise #1:

  • You can find the exercise sheet here.
  • For the actual building of the code, you might want to use the CMakeLists.txt file we provide here. A simple .cpp template can be found here.
  • If you didn't register in the Campus Management nor shared your email with us, then do it now!.
  • Form your team.

4.3 Lecture #2:

Important note: There's a new release of CGAL!!! 4.1 is available for you to download and install. Please do so!

  • The paper "Classroom Examples of Robustness Problems in Geometric Computations" can be found here.
  • Slides can be found here

4.4 Exercise #2:

The exercise sheet can be found here.

4.4.1 Onion Peeling

We provide you with a template source for this exercise. You have to make the necessary corrections and implement the missing elements. The goal of this template is to save you the trouble of visualizing the result using Qt4. Use the provided CMakeLists.txt to set the project and build it.

4.5 Lecture and Exercise #3:

  • Slides are here.
  • The exercise sheet can be found here.
  • Please submit source codes with the following naming convention Full_Name_Ex_<number>.cpp

4.6 Lecture and Exercise #4:

Lecture slides can be found here and the exercise sheet is here.

4.6.1 QT demo

This is a CGAL-Qt demo, template, that shows the use of several CGAL-Qt graphics items. Instead of convex_hull you can plug in other classes/functions and draw their result. The names of the actions in the GUI itself can be changed through the Qt designer facility that opens the Convex_hull.ui file.

The template consists of three files which can be found here:

4.7 Lecture and Exercise #5:

Lecture slides can be found here and the exercise sheet is here.

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