Computational Geometry/Algorithmische Geometrie (SS 2013)

Description, Time Schedule, Location: kvv

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  1. Basics.
    Convex Hull I ([B1]: pp 1-5.)
  2. Convex Hull II ([B1]: pp 6-17. [B3]: Ch.3. [P1]:Chan's algorithm)
  3. Line segment intersection ([B1]: pp 19-29)
  4. Art gallery and triangulations I ([B1]: pp 45-49)
  5. DCEL ([B1]: pp 29-33)
    Triangulating a simple polygon I ([B1]: pp 49-55)
  6. Triangulating a simple polygon II ([B1]: pp 55-58)
  7. Shortest Paths in Simple Polygons I (Notes)
  8. Shortest Path II / Introduction to Linear Programming
  9. LP Incremental I ([B1]: pp 71-76)
  10. LP Incremental II: Randomized ([B1]: pp 76-79)
    Smallest Enclosing Disk ([B1]: pp 86-89)
  11. Point location: Trapezoidal Maps I ([B1]: pp 121-128)
  12. Point location: Trapezoidal Maps II ([B1]: pp 128-137)
  13. Voronoi Diagrams I ([B1]: pp 147-152)
  14. Fortune's sweep I ([B1]: Ch. 7.2)
  15. Fortune's sweep II ([B1]: Ch. 7.2)
    Orthogonal range searching: kd-trees ([B1]: Ch. 5.2)
You may solve the exercises in groups of two.
  1. Ex.1 (due: 15/04. You should be able to solve these if you want to take this course.)
  2. Ex.2 (due: 22/04.)
  3. Ex.3 (due: 29/04.)
  4. Ex.4 (due 06/05)
  5. Programming exercise (due 13/05)
  6. Ex.5 (due 13/05)
  7. Ex.6 (due 20/05)
  8. Ex.7 (due 27/05)
  9. Ex.8 (with correction in 3(c); due 03/06)
  10. Ex.9 (due 10/06)


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