Panos Giannopoulos

I have now moved!

     Freie Universität Berlin
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Institute of Computer Science
Takustrasse 9
D-14195 Berlin

Contact me: panos 'AT' mi 'DOT' fu-berlin 'DOT' de

I am a research fellow in the group of Theoretical Computer Science and a member of the Mathematical Geometry Processing group (Mathematics Institute).
I am also affiliated with the group of Algorithms and Data Structures at Bayreuth Universität.

I have defended my Habilitation in October 2013. You can find the talk here.

Computational Geometry & Geometric Optimization, Approximation Algorithms, and Parameterized Complexity Theory.
A list of my publications.

Computational Geometry (Summer Semester '13).
Geometric Computing: Introduction to CGAL (Winter Semester '12/'13).
Approximation Algorithms (Summer Semester '12).
Parameterized complexity theory (Summer Semester '09).
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