Webpage AG Arithmetic Geometry Baby Seminar Summer semester 2017

Topic: p-adic Hodge Theory

Organizers: Tanya Kaushal Srivastava and Marcin Lara

Time Mondays 10:00 - 12:00
Starting date 24/April/2017
Location Arnimallee 3, SR 210, FU Berlin

Here is the program.

For nice overviews also see AN INVITATION TO P-ADIC HODGE THEORY and


Date Topic Speaker Notes
24/April/2017 Almost Mathematics and Purity Theorem Tanya Notes
8/May/2017 Galois Cohomology Efstathia
15/May/2017 Galois cohomology II and Logarithmic geometry Pedro
22/May/2017 The $K(\pi,1)$ Marcin
29/May/2017 The topos $\mathfrak{X}^0_{\bar{K}}$ and $\hat{\mathfrak{X}}^0_{\bar{K}}$ Marcin
12/June/2017 More on proof of Thm 6.16 Marco
19/June/2017 (9:30 am - 11:00 am) More on proof of Thm 6.16 part 2 Marco
19/June/2017 (11:30 am - 1:00 pm) Ring of Periods Drimiti
26/June/2017 More Galois Cohomology and cohomological computations Xiaoyu
03/July/2017 Crystalline Cohomology and crystalline sheaves Tanya
17/July/2017 Comparison isomorphisms I Yun
17/July/2017 Crystalline comparison theorem Fei