photo credit: BGSMath Communication

photo credit: Christoph Spiegel

photo credit: BGSMath Communication

photo credit: BGSMath Communication

BMS-BGSMath Junior Meeting

October 9th and 10th 2017, Barcelona

The Berlin Mathematical School and the Barcelona Graduate School of Mathematics both share the goal of striving for excellence in their doctoral and postdoctoral training. In order to further the collaboration between these two graduate schools, their first joint meeting of the junior researchers will be held in Barcelona in October of 2017.

The goal of this meeting is to connect young researchers from the two cities. The scientific scope of the meeting is general and will be focused on three areas in which ongoing collaborations have been identified:


Each session will be organized into a keynote address by a senior researcher and several talks from young researchers from both communities. The format of the later is intended to be brief, about 10 minutes, and should give a rough overview of their current research area as well as their respective research in the field.

Marta Casanellas (UPC)
Is algebra useful for

Teresa García (UAB)
Francesca Gatti (UPC)
Roser Homs (UB)
Barbara Jung (HUB)
Kathlén Kohn (TUB)
Daniel Lütgehetmann (FUB)
Marta Panizzut (TUB)
Carlos Sáez (UB)

Rainer Sinn (FUB)
Extension Complexity
and the Matching Polytope

Anurag Bishnoi (FUB)
Gonzalo Fiz Pontiveros (UPC)
Michal Garlík (UPC)
Tamás Mészáros (FUB)
Hendrik Molter (TUB)
Nadja Scharf (FUB)
Maximilian Wötzel (UPC)

Eulàlia Nualart (UPF)
Intermittency for stochastic heat
equations on bounded domains

Carlos Amendola (TUB)
Todor Bilarev (HUB)
Giulia Binotto (UB)
Juan Carlos Cantero (UAB)
Matteo Cozzi (UPC)
Amanda Fernández (UAB)
Markus Mittnenzweig (WIAS)
Tal Orenshtein (HUB)


Monday Morning
8.30 registration
9.00 opening
9.10 Rainer Sinn
10.00 coffee break
10.30 Anurag Bishnoi
Gonzalo Fiz Pontiveros
Tamás Mészáros
Maximilian Wötzel
11.20 short break
11.30 Hendrik Molter
Michal Garlík
Nadja Scharf
12.10 short break
12.25 Introduction to Responsible
Research and Innovation

by Rosina Malagrida

Monday Afternoon
13.10 lunch break
15.00 Marta Casanellas
15.50 coffee break
16.30 Marta Panizzut
Francesca Gatti
Kathlén Kohn
Roser Homs
17.20 short break
17.30 Daniel Lütgehetmann
Carlos Sáez
Barbara Jung
Teresa García
19.00 dinner at IEC

Tuesday Morning
9.30 Eulàlia Nualart
10.20 coffee break
11.00 Todor Bilarev
Giulia Binotto
Tal Orenshtein
Amanda Fernández
11.50 short break
12.00 Juan Carlos Cantero
Markus Mittnenzweig
Matteo Cozzi
Carlos Amendola
12.50 closing

A full program of the event with further information can be found here and the group photo can be found here. More photos of the event can be found at the BGSMath.


Online registration is now closed. You can find a list of all registered participants here.


The meeting will be held at the Sala Prat de la Riba of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans in the center of Barcelona. Participants looking for accommodation may consider the close-by Residencia d´Investigadors. Further options for accommodation can be found here.


Prof. Marc Noy, Ph.D. (Director of the BGSMath)
Prof. Dr. John M. Sullivan (Co-Chair of the BMS)

Bahareh Banyassady (FU Berlin)
Carles Barril (UA Barcelona)
Katharina Klost (FU Berlin)
Jean-Philippe Labbé, Ph.D. (FU Berlin)
Federico Cantero Morán, Ph.D. (BGSMath)
Christoph Spiegel (UPC)
Martin Wahl (HU Berlin)

Thank you to anyone involved in the organisation of the event!