21st Annual Symposium on Computational Geometry

June 6-8, 2005, Pisa, Italy
SoCG 2005

Papers must be submitted in two steps: Please make sure you can receive email from socg-maintain@mi.fu-berlin.de, and that you have a browser that supports uploading via a web form. This is necessary in phase 2. You can use this page to test. If there is no button named 'Browse' visible, you should upgrade your browser in order to use this site. If you don't receive the test email, the reason might be that some spam filter on the way to you is blocking the message; you should consider specifying an alternate e-mail address.

Authors who cannot submit their papers electronically should inform the PC chair at socg05-submit@mi.fu-berlin.de.

When filling in the forms, PLEASE USE CAPITALS ONLY WHEN SYNTACTICALLY NEEDED, so e.g. only at the beginning of your name, not your FULL NAME. (The previous line is an example of a wrong usage of capitals.)

Step 1
Abstract submission

Abstract submission
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Step 2
Paper submission


Paper submission
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