AMPL Student edition for Windows

Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 07:55:26 -0700
To: Guenter Rote <>
From: Melodee Heeger <>
Subject: Re: AMPL Student license

1. Download

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2. Start the program, apse.exe from the directory to which
   you have downloaded it.

3. IMPORTANT: Make a note of the licensing instructions
   presented in the "Welcome" dialog.

4. When prompted for a password, enter:

5. Perform the licensing steps described by the Welcome
   dialog in step 3.

6. After the installation, make sure these environment
   variables are permanently set as directed by the
   batch file:


   (where c:\dir is the location of amplplus on your computer.)

   6.1. To set environment variables on Windows 95/98:

        Add a line like the following to the end of
        the c:\autoexec.bat file:
           SET CPX4AMPLLIC=c:\amplplus

   6.2. To set environment variables on Windows NT:

        - Log on with Administrator privileges.
        - Open Control Panel (Start | Settings | Control Panel)
        - Select the "System" tab.
        - Click once in the *upper* list of settings. these are
          global. The lower box only applies to one user.
        - Enter the variable name in the "Variable:" box.
        - Enter the variable value in the "Value:" box.
        - Click Apply.

        - Click OK.

7. Restart the computer

8. If the licensing steps fail for any reason, download
   and run this program:

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