List of reported errata

Fortunately just a few (as of May 1997).

Chapter 1

Under Section 1.3.1 (page 23 at the bottom) I wrote:

(Thanks to Erich Ruth -

Chapter 8

Section 8.3.4

is titled "The Dynamic Adaption Algorithm". This was the name given to the algorithm by his author, but it would be better to call it the "Dynamic Adaptation Algorithm".

(Thanks to G. Feuer -

Section 8.4.1 :

the right side of Equation 8.11 has two errors in the superindices. The numerator should read "\nabla_i E^(k)" and the term in parenthesis in the denominator should be "\nabla_i E^(k) - \nabla_i E^(k-1)"

Chapter 17

The "D" in Figure 17.10 should be a "B" (defection, betrayal)