Clément Requilé

Position: PhD student in the research group Combinatorics and Graph Theory
                  at the Freie Universität Berlin.

Office: Arnimallee 3, Room 206, 14195 Berlin [Map].

Telephone: +49 30 838 75440.

E-mail: requile /at/ math /dot/ fu-berlin /dot/ de

Curriculum Vitae: PDF.


PhD started in september 2014 under the supervision of Pr. Juanjo Rué and under the title

Enriched families of planar graphs: enumeration and limit laws.

Student (Phase II) member of the Berlin Mathematical School, for which my mentor is Pr. Raman Sanyal.


May thanks to Christoph Spiegel for taking the (two) photos of this webpage and to Shagnik Das just because.