Minitool for viewing key assignments on the HP49+

Some people tend to forget their own key assignments. Although Keyman supplies a key recaller it may be useful to have a fast look at the assignment using the screen optimally. ViewKey realizes this. It may be added in the CST menu, but better, assign its program to a convenient and dispensable key, key X say.Assignment on the TOOL key: ROMPTR 4B0 8 from Keyman distinguishes normal and longhold action, FPTR 2 8A sets the TOOL menu, the rest sets the STACK menu. Assume it is assigned to X (this letter may always be printed in ALPHA mode). After having hit X simply press the key with the possibly forgotten assignment. Then its key number is displayed in the header and the assignment itself below it, ready for beeing scrolled if the screen is too small. This works for shiftholds as well. The screen-shot shows a useful assignment on the TOOL key 23.1 proposed in the Appendix to Keyman.htm. It sets the STACK menu directly if TOOL is slightly longer hold. (STACK denotes a submenu of  TOOL, permanently used by programmers). Mode sensitive assignments made with Keyman are SysRPL programs and other professional key assignments may even be code objects. ViewKey chooses a suitable decompiler automatically. Decompilation depends on certain flags you need not care about. Still a pleasant surprise: All the above works also while progamming, to expand the information range without leaving the editor. After viewing a key assignment you nicely return to the edit line. Clearly, for decompilation library extable should be in port2. Those who don't understand SysRPL are not lost. The assignment is readable as well if its components are written in UsrRL, though in slightly different view as obtained with the decompiler on DownArrow.

Attention. ViewKey does only work if Keyman+ version 5.2004 is on your 49+.

Wolfgang Rautenberg