Bombing a Town (HPG49/49G+,  first release March 2003)

Nobody is forced to associate anything with the US politic when Belgrad and Bagdad were hit. The game neither supports nor declines any political or military decision. Terror is for the HPG49, TerrorPlus for the HPG49+.

Use the arrow keys to activate the anti-aircraft defense (or don't use them if total destruction is prefered). Place the rocket under the bomb as shown by the left-hand screen and press any key distinct from the arrow keys and from CANCEL to fire. The RightArrow and LeftArrow keys are repeaters. Bombing will last until a minimum of bombs hit the ground, perhaps even longer than sunset on the screen. This is indicated by the message OVER as on the right-hand screen and a corresponding sound. When playing with care, there is a chance to save over 90% of the town. This game will hopefully help to fight with cravings of aggression.

Place the rocket under the bomb and fire
70% of the town successfully defended

Wolfgang Rautenberg
raut@math.fu-berlin.de    www.math.fu-berlin.de/usr/raut