The smallest library splitter for the HP49(+)

This library splitter is slower than the one from OT49 but it's advantage over other lib splitters is its small size (only 122.5 bytes) and that it splits also internal libs. For instance, 2 Split yields the huge source directory of library 2 with 67 pages of traditional UsrRPL commands in 10_s, and splits the CAS library 222 with over 60 visible commands and over 400 hiddens in less than 15_s.

Menu page 4 of the source directory of library 2Split looks for a real or zint in the stack and errors out if this is not a valid library number. Otherwise a source directory of the library is created with all its visibles and hiddens and you are in this directory. It does not contain the $variables like $TITLE etc. And rompointer references to the library commands are not replaced by names from the source directory which is sometimes very useful. Splitting smaller libraries like lib 221 which contains the latest added UsrRPL commands is done in less than a second. The screen-shot shows the last one of the 4-page source directory s221 of library 221. It contains commands added to UsrRPL when passing from the HP48 to the HP49.

Wolfgang Rautenberg

 raut@math.fu-berlin.de     www.math.fu-berlin.de/usr/raut