Overwrite header - Overall stack display (HP49G+ only!)

Pressing Ohead in 49+ discards the new 49+ header and creates additional space for stack display. In font size 8 one gets in this way up to 9 stack levels in the screen, and up to10 stack levels in font size 7. Other font sizes are not handled by Ohead.

Version 1.2003: Program size reduced. Clock switchted off while header is used for stack display (1st version November 2003).

Examples. The screen shot at left displays a segment of the Ohead program  Level 2 and 3 contain messages without string delimiters. Normally, one would see only the program but nothing else from the stack. The screen at right displays the last 10 messages from the built-in library 1. Both screens are in font size 7, not with the ugly standard font 7 but with LFont from this site. You get all messages of library 1 by pressing LstM from Msgman on number 1 in the stack.

The last 10 messages of library 1 The last 10 messages of library 1

Wolfgang Rautenberg
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