Displays anything anywhere in wanted font on the HP49G+ screen

The relatively new UsrRPL command DISPXY displays on the 49+ only below the header. This is a bad, for on the 49 this command was useful, e.g., to add small information in the header. But also for the 49 the command was not particularly well programmed. It handles only one-line strings properly. The program DspXY doesn't have any limitation and displays anywhere on the screen. And it is smaller and faster as DISPXY. Arguments are the same as for DISPXY:

3: any object (mostly a string)
2: a 2-list of user bints for the pixel coordinates. { #0d #0d } is the upper left screen corner.
1: a zint or real. 2 means current font, any other number will display in minifont.

DspXY is independent on Headman. It should preferably be used together with WAIT or FREEZE to freeze the areas where the level 3 object is displayed. In particular, it can be used  to flash a message in the header.

Example.  The following program is a language toggler similar to ~LANG from OT49. It cycles through the 3 languages and prints the chosen language in the header which remains there until certain keys are pressed, e.g. CANCEL.

ź "espa˝ol "  "franšais"  "english "  Language→  1  +  3  MOD  DUP →Language  1  +  ROLL  { #95d  #1d }  1 DspXY  1 FREEZE  DROP2 ╗

Wolfgang Rautenberg
raut@math.fu-berlin.de    www.math.fu-berlin.de/usr/raut