Creates automatically a new ACC-version. It needs two arguments as follows:

          Level 2: a string with the month-names in a new language,
          Level 1: a grob with the weekday-shorthands in that language.

Output will be a code of about 1 KB which runs like any other ACC version. The author of a new ACC-version must have installed OT49 (because its tools are applied in the automated generation), a user of the new version need not. The month-name string may contain any character and has to follow this pattern:

"January         @ each month-name in a separate line, no blank after the name.
February        @ listing all 12 month, with no newline at the end.

The weekday grob argument must be hand-painted. No matter what size it has, MakeACC cuts out a subgrob at the upper left corner of size 61 x 5. The seven weekday shorthands should fit inside this grob segment!

Wolfgang Rautenberg,