Analog-Clock with paging Calendar and autostart feature (HP49G/49g+)

with months names and weekday shortcuts in various languages and separate documents. Also a version in Esperanto (ACCeo) is included. All included versions behave alike. The coloured RIGHTSHIFT and LEFTSHIFT keys are paging through the calendar in periods of a month, precisely of 28 days, ALPHA actualizes the calendar. CANCEL interrupts as usual. All other keys turn off the HP49. With this "blind" turn-off, ACC is resumed at the next turn-on (autostart) provided there was no alarm in the meantime.

NEW in version 1.2005: Adapted to hp 49g+ ROM 2.0

NEW in version 2.2003: Number of days of a month correctly computed from 1582-11-01 to 3200-01-31

NEW in version 1.2003: No dependence on real number display anymore.

ACCeuro contains ACC versions and corresponding *.htm files in the languages below. The anglo-american version with weekday count beginning on Sunday is not included in this package but is a separate package named ACC.

Dutch ACCnl Jurjen N.E. Bos
Esperanto ACCeo Eduardo M Kalinowski
Finnish ACCfi Marja Nieminen
French ACCfr Heiko Arnemann
German ACCde Wolfgang Rautenberg
Italian ACCit Andrea Bacin and Federico Marziali
Polish ACCpl Wolfgang Rautenberg
Portuguese ACCpt Eduardo M Kalinowski
Spanish ACCes Rafael Millán

Remark. A new ACC version is easily made with MakeACC, included in the package with a separate text file. ACC is a short self-extracting self-evaluating code which can be recovered with ~ from OT49(+). Copyright of the ACC program:

Credits. Thanks to Heiko Arneman who improved the day of a_month compution in  version 2.2003.

Wolfgang Rautenberg