Analog-Clock with paging Calendar and autostart feature (HP49G/49g+)


In a run of ACC, the coloured RIGHTSHIFT and LEFTSHIFT are paging through the calendar in periods of a month, precisely of 28 days. While paging, the clock runs with high precision all the time. ALPHA actualizes the calendar. CANCEL interrupts as usual. All other keys turn the calculator off. With this "blind" turn-off, ACC is resumed at the next turn-on (autostart) provided there was no alarm in the meantime. ACC is not affected by flags nor does it affect these, the stack or PICT.

NEW in version 1.2005: Adapted to hp 49g+ ROM 2.0
NEW in Version 1.2003: ACC minimized.
NEW in Version 1.2002: No dependance on real number display anymore.

REMARK. The calendar is in US-format with weekday count begining on Sunday. There is a collection of ACC versions in several other languages, ACCeuro, where the week begins on Monday. ACC should be key-assigned, e.g., to the HIST key ousite edit mode. Keyman realizes this easily. ACC is a self-decompressing and self-evaluating code which can be decoded with ~ from OT49. The method of creating such code is due to Jurjen Bos. It was for the first time applied in ACC.

Copyright Wolfgang Rautenberg