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Welcome to the Forum for Negative Results (FNR),

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The "Forum for Negative Results", established 1997, is a permanent special section of the Journal of Universal Computer Science (J.UCS), one of the oldest peer-reviewed electronic journals (started in 1994 by Springer Verlag).


Important pointers

Venues specialized on publishing negative results

Please tell me if you find something else that should be in the above list.

Venues _also_ publishing negative results

Unlike the ones above, these venues are not specialized towards negative results and do not publish only those. Rather, they accept negative results among other things and explicitly say so.

There are too many such venues among the specialized journals in many disciplines to list them all, so we only mention a few with broad topic range.

Other things

How to submit to FNR

For submitting a paper for publication in the Forum for Negative Results,

Lutz Prechelt prechelt@inf.fu-berlin.de
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