A java game demonstrating the change blindness effect

Latest version is 1.0.1. This software is licensed under the GPL.

Description and Instructions

ChangeBlindness is a small game that demonstrates the change blindness phenomenon. The effect shows that our brains have a low-level (i.e. subconscious) change detection capability that can be disabled pretty easily (for instance, with a flicker of around 100ms). The game illustrates this using an increasing number of icons, one of which will change during a flicker. The goal of the game is to find the changing icon as quickly as possible.

The game starts with just one icon, but increases this number eachtime you correctly click where the change occured. Already with 5 or 6 icons visible you will realize that you can only keep track consciously of a small area that is directly in your focus. To play the game without the flicker, press the key 'f'.


Links on the web about the phenomenon

These links are from the google top-ten on change blindness ;-)


Besides from being free software, this java-application is also cardware, i.e. if you like it you can send me a post-card:

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Windows users can use the Installer to install the application: ChangeBlindnessSetup.exe
The application will require Java 1.5 to run.

Linux, Mac and friends will have to start using the command-line (given a Java Runtime >=1.5): changeBlindness.jar

java -jar changeBlindness.jar

Source-code is provided in a Zip-File with Eclipse-project and ant-Buildfile:



Christopher Oezbek - 2006