About Me

I'm a mathematician with a strong background in computer science.

I completed my Ph.D. as a BMS Phase II student in the field of mathematical geometry processing in the mathematical geometry processing group headed by Prof. Dr. Konrad Polthier at Freie University Berlin in March 2017. My dissertation introduces decomposition statements of Hodge type for piecewise constant vector fields on simplicial surfaces and solids with boundary which are structurally consistent with the smooth theory.

I received a Diploma in Mathematics in 2011 with focus on algebraic geometry and probability theory and a B.Sc. in Computer Science in 2009 with focus on computer graphics, visualization and mesh generation.

My research interests are somewhere in between discrete differential geometry, complex geometry and numerical methods. At the moment I'm particularly interested in structural and numerical aspects of discretization schemes for differential forms on simplicial meshes and efficient methods for the solution of Hodge-type problems and PDEs on surfaces.




Teaching @ FU Berlin:



Email: konstantin[dot]poelke[at]fu-berlin[dot]de