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Freie Universitat Berlin
Discrete Geometry Group
Arnimallee 2
14195 Berlin, Germany
Picture of my sister, me, and my wife in C&oumlt;penhagen

Contact information:

Phone: +49-555-77843443
E-mail: jdoolitt{at}zedat.fu-berlin.de

About me

I graduated from University of California, San Diego with a Bachelors of Science in mathematics in 2013. I earned a Master's Degree from University of Kansas in 2016. I defended my PhD in 2019, under the advisement of Margaret Bayer.
My research is broadly in combinatorics, more specificially on algebraic, geometric and topological properties of polytopes and simplicial complexes. I am deeply interested in celluated topological spaces, the structure of the face lattice of polytopes, and algebraic properties of simplicial complexes.
I am currently working on projects related to reconstructing simplicial spheres from partial information, decomposing the face poset of simplicial complexes into nice intervals, questions of realizing inscribed zonotopes, many-fold tilings of the plane, and the type cone of some not very complicated polytopes.
I have three cats.


My CV is available here.

Research Papers

  1. Combinatorial Inscribability Obstructions for Higher-dimensional Polytopes (with Jean-Phillipe Labbé, Carsten Lange, Rainer Sinn, Jonathan Spreer, and Günter Ziegler)
  2. Minimal Cohen-Macaulay Simplicial Complexes (with Hailong Dao and Justin Lyle)
  3. On Stanley's Conecture on k-fold Acyclic Complexes (with Bennet Goeckner)
  4. A Minimal Counterexample to a Strengthening of Perles's Conjecture
    The list of 11-vertex 3-spheres with 12 Perles pieces can be downloaded here.
  5. Partition Extenders (not yet publically available, with Bennet Goeckner and Alex Lazar)
  6. Higher Nerves of Simplicial Complexes (with Hailong Dao, Ken Duna, Bennet Goeckner, Brent Holmes, and Justin Lyle) (2019)
    Algebraic Combinatorics arXiv
  7. On the Reconstruction of Polytopes (with Eran Nevo, Guillermo Pineda-Villavicencio, Julien Ugon, and David Yost) (2018)
    Discrete Comput. Geom. arXiv