Seminar/Proseminar on Group Theory, Winter Semester 2020

Kıvanç Ersoy.

Prerequisites: Linear algebra.

Note:      Because of Corona regulations, the course will be held online. 

If you take the course and didn't receive an online invitation,

please contact Kivanc Ersoy to receive the webex invitation.

Fundamental concepts of infinite group theory, series of subgroups, radicals and residuals, finiteness conditions: finitely generated and finitely presented groups, groups with finite rank, periodic and locally finite groups, maximal and minimal conditions. Solvable and nilpotent groups, properties of upper and lower central series, residually finite groups, generalized nilpotent groups, Engel groups, local theorems and generalized solvable groups.

Textbook: Finiteness conditions and Generalized Solvable groups, Derek Robinson

The course is in English