Seminar on Group Theory (Profinite Groups), Summer Semester 2022

Kıvanç Ersoy.

Prerequisites: Linear algebra, a course in Algebra or Group Theory

Proseminar/ Seminar in Group Theory In this seminar we will start with an introduction to the concepts about profinite groups, namely, inverse and direct limits, pro-C- groups for various group theoretical classes C, Sylow theory for profinite groups, finitely generated profinite groups, profinite groups as Galois groups, free profinite groups, profinite topologies, some special profinite groups like profinite Frobenius groups, automorphism group of a profinite group, profinite completion, profinite torsion groups.

Textbook: Profinite Groups, by Luis Ribes and Pavel Zalesski

The course is in English