Workshop: Extremal Laurent Polynomials and Fano Varieties

This is the fifth workshop about extremal Laurent polynomials and Fano varieties.
It takes place at the Freie Universität Berlin from December 14th to 17th.
It follows the following workshops:
4. 22-26 Feb 2011, Imperial College London: Fano Varieties and Extremal Laurent Polynomials
3. 17-20 Sep 2010, Imperial College London: Fano Varieties and Extremal Laurent Polynomials
2. 13-14 Sep 2010, MPIM Bonn: Quantum motives: realizations, detection, applications
1. 19-21 Oct 2009, Warwick: Extremal Laurent Polynomials -- new approaches to mirror symmetry and classification of Fanos

To register please send an email to Elena Martinengo, specifying your dates of arrival and departure and if you are interested in obtaining financial support.

The workshop is planned to be as informal as we are used to from its predecessor in London.
There is no fixed program: we welcome suggestions for talks.
The participants that would like to contribute to the workshop with a talk should send a topic to Elena Martinengo, specifying when they prefer to give the talk.


Wednesday, Dec 14
10, ZIB
12.30, ZIB Sergei Galkin: "An introduction to extremal Laurent polynomials"
16.00, ZIB Miles Reid: "Introduction to Tom and Jerry"
Thursday, Dec 15
10, A7 140 Sergei Galkin
12.30, ZIB Alexander Kasprzyk and Pavel Metelitsyn: "Computational aspects of Laurent polynomials"
14:30, ZIB Jörg Hofmann: "Global monodromy"
16:00, ZIB Maxim Smirnov
18:00, ZIB Jan Christophersen
Friday, Dec 16
10 -12, A3 130 discussion
12.30, A3 HS1 Lars Petersen: "Okounkov bodies and toric degenerations (after Dave Anderson)"
15.30, A3 HS1 Victor Przyjalkowski

On Wednesday morning we will start with an informal meeting at 10 in ZIB. At 11.45 we will go for lunch to Museen Dahlem's Restaurant. The first talk will be Sergei Galkin's talk at 12.30. On Thursday and Friday morning we have booked the above rooms, to give the possibility to the participants to meet each other and discuss.

ZIB: Takustraße 7, Zuse Institut Berlin, lecture room.
A7 140: Arnimallee 7, second floor, room 140.
A3 130: Arnimallee 3, rear building(!), second floor, room 130.
A7 E31: Arnimallee 7, ground floor, room E31.
A3 HS1: Arnimallee 3, ground floor, lecture room 1.


Klaus Altmann
Michael Bogner (Dec 13-16)
Ivan Cheltsov (Dec 14-17)
Jan Christophersen (Dec 10-21)
Alessio Corti (Dec 15-16)
Sergei Galkin (Dec 5-17)
Jürgen Hausen (Dec 13-16)
Andreas Hochenegger
Jörg Hofmann
Alexander Kasprzyk
Oskar Kedzierski (Dec 14-15)
Priska Jahnke (Dec 14-16)
Pavel Metelitsyn
Victor Przyjalkowski (Dec 14-17)
Ivo Radloff (Dec 14-16)
Miles Reid (Dec 13-16)
Dmitrijs Sakovics (Dec 13-17)
Evgeny Shinder
Maxime Smirnov (Dec 13-16)
Hendrik Süß
Jaroslaw Wisniewski

How to get there

The lectures will take place at the Institute of Mathematics of the Freie Universität Berlin.
To reach the Institute you can take the U-Bahn U3, get off at Dahlem Dorf station and then walk (see the map) or the Bus X83 get off at the stop Arnimallee or Museen Dahlem and walk (see the map).
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Klaus Altmann
Elena Martinengo