Étale cohomology


The seminar will take place on Monday at 10.00, in SR 210/A3.
***Note that time and place has changed***
Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate and to give a talk, you can write to elena.lavanda89 AT gmail.com, or to pedroangelcastillejo AT gmail.com


The seminar will be an introductory course on étale cohomology. The main reference will be Milne's lecture notes.

You can find the detailed program here.





13/04 Introduction Elena
20/04 Étale morphisms and Henselization Yun
27/04 Local ring for étale topology Wouter
04/05 Sites Inder
11/05 Galois coverings and fundamental group Yun
18/05 Example of sheaves on the étale site Efstathia
01/06 Category of sheaves on the étale site Pedro
08/06 Direct and inverse images of sheaves Efstathia
15/06 Étale cohomology Yun
22/06 Higher direct image and Weil-divisor exact sequence Wouter
29/06 Cohomology of the multiplicative group scheme on a curve Pedro
06/07 Overview on main theorems of étale cohomology Elena