Seminar on Abelian Varieties

The seminar will take place on Tuesday at 16.00 (sharp), in SR 119/A3 (Seminarraum).
Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate and to give a talk, you can write to
elena.lavanda89 AT, or to kaur AT


The seminar will be an introductory course to abelian varieties. You can find the detailed program here.






15/04 Introduction and first examples Inder
22/04 Rigidity lemma for abelian varieties Giulia
29/04 Group schemes, generalities Eva
6/05 Group schemes, Cartier duality Holger
13/05 Quotients of group schemes Elena
20/05 Quotients of group schemes, second part Elena
27/05 Theorem of the square and theorem of the cube Pedro
3/06 Projectivity of abelian varieties Gabriel
10/06 Isogenies Antonio
17/06 Frobenius and Verschiebung Sina
24/06 No talk
01/07 Picard scheme Inder
08/07 Dual abelian variety Holger
15/07 Neron-Severi group and duality between
Frobenius and Verschiebung