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I am a PhD student in the arithmetic geometry research group at the Mathematical Institute of FU Berlin, supervised by Hélène Esnault.
I am supported by the Berlin Mathematical School.


Room 111
Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik,
Arnimallee 3
14195 Berlin

Tel.: (+49) 30 838 752 35
Mail: elenalavanda@zedat.fu-berlin.de

Current Seminars

WS 2015/16: The student seminar will be on D-modules (organized by Wouter Zomervrucht and me).
WS 2015/16: Research Seminar on Motivic Galois group and periods.
WS 2015/16: Guest Seminar.

Past Seminars

WS 2015/16: The student seminar will be on Intersection Theory.
WS 2015/16: Research Seminar on Supersingular K3 surfaces.
WS 2015/16: Seminar on Topological Hochschild Homology.
WS 2015/16: Guest Seminar.

SS 2015: Student seminar on étale cohomology (organized by Pedro Castillejo and me).
SS 2015: Research Seminar on on Rational sections and Serre's conjecture.
SS 2015: Guest seminar.

WS 2014/15: Student seminar on abelian varieties. (organized by me).
WS 2014/15: Research Seminar Chow groups of zero cycles over p-adic fields.

SS 2014: Student seminar on abelian varieties (organized by me).
SS 2014: Research Seminar on Pro-étale cohomology after Bhatt-Scholze.

WS 2013/14: Student seminar on Class Field Theory.
WS 2013/14: Research Seminar on Higher Dimensional Class Field Theory and Ramifcation.