Splitting and Forging Tickets

Given a ticket in the RT3 system with some transaction having content, we can simply create new tickets, which are related to the ticket by three possible means

  1. "Pretasks" are necessary prequisites for a ticket
  2. "Posttasks" depend on the actual ticket
  3. "Clones" are only related to a ticket, so you may use it to split a ticket into many
Here is a screenshot of a ticket's history page

you can carry over (part of) the contents of a transaction to the new ticket by the following steps:

clicking for example the [pretask] link of the transaction yields a page to choose the queue in which the prerequisite ticket will be created

Screenshot for Queue selection

choosing a queue yields a ticket create page, with prefilled content and relations.

Screenshot of ticket create page

changing and commiting is possible. Dependant ticket is created

Screen shot of new ticket's page


Hiding/Suppressing of global scrips per Queue

We are able to deactivate global scrips per queue as well as deactivate scrips globally and reenable it per queue.

This is the GUI (screen shot)


Dirk Pape (German page).