Publications of Christoph Benzmüller

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Selected Books and Proceedings:

    Research Vision, Position Papers: ● Reasonable Machines: A Research Manifesto, KI, 2020 [details] ● What is a proof? What should it be?, 2019 [details]
    Universal Logical Reasoning: ● Universal (Meta-)Logical Reasoning: Recent Successes, Sci. Comp. Progr., 2019 [details] ● Cut-Elimination for Quantified Conditional Logic, J. Phil. Log., 2017 [details] ● Quantified Multimodal Logics in Simple Type Theory , Log. Univ., 2013 [details]
    Normative Reasoning and Machine Ethics: ● Designing Normative Theories for Ethical and Legal Reasoning: LogiKEy Framework, Methodology, and Tool Support, AI Journal, 2020 [details] ● Value-oriented Legal Argumentation in Isabelle/HOL, 2022 [details]
    Computational Metaphysics and the Ontological Argument: ● A Simplified Variant of Gödel's Ontological Argument. Sophia, 2022 (to appear) [details] ● Mechanizing Principia Logico-Metaphysica in Functional Type Theory, Rev. Symb. Log., 2020 [details] ● Computer Science and Metaphysics: A Cross-Fertilization, Open Philosophy, 2019 [details] ● The Inconsistency in Gödel's Ontological Argument: A Success Story for AI in Metaphysics, IJCAI, 2016 [details]
    Foundations of Maths, Category Theory: ● Automating Free Logic in HOL, with an Experimental Application in Category Theory, J. Autom. Reason., 2020 [details]
    Higher-order Logic, Higher-order Automated Theorem Proving: ● Church's Type Theory, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2019 [details] ● Extensional Higher-Order Paramodulation in Leo-III, J. Autom. Reason., 2021 [details] ● The Higher-Order Prover Leo-II, J. Autom. Reason., 2015 [details] ● Automation of Higher-Order Logic, Handbook of the History of Logic, 2014 [details] ● Higher-Order Semantics and Extensionality, J. Symb. Log., 2004 [details]
    Maths Proof Assistants, Natural Language Proof Tutoring, Agent-based Reasoning: ● OMEGA: Resource-Adaptive Processes in an Automated Reasoning, Cognitive Technologies, 2010 Systems, [details] ● Resource-Bounded Modelling and Analysis of Human-Level Interactive Proofs, Cognitive Technologies, 2010 [details]

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