Year: 2006
[10]Dialog mit einem Beweisassistenten in natürlicher Sprache (Christoph Benzmüller), Ringvorlesung, FR Informatik, Universität des Saarlandes, Germany, 2006. (slides)
[9]Underspecification in Math-DIALOG (Christoph Benzmüller), C-Tag, SFB 378, Saarland University, Germany, 2006. (slides)
[8]Cut-Simulation in Impredicative Logics (Christoph Benzmüller), Third International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning (IJCAR 2006), LNAI , Seattle, USA, 2006. (slides)
[7]Term Indexing for the LEO-II Prover (Christoph Benzmüller), IWIL-6 workshop at LPAR 2006: The 6th International Workshop on the Implementation of Logics, Pnom Penh, Cambodia, 2006. (slides)
[6]Judging Granularity for Automated Mathematics Teaching (Christoph Benzmüller), Short paper at LPAR 2006: 13th International Conference on Logic for Programming Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning, Pnom Penh, Cambodia, 2006. (slides)
[5](Invited) Semantics of Higher-Order Logics (Christoph Benzmüller), Invited Lecture Course at ESSLLI 2006, Malaga, Spain, 2006. (slides)
[4](Invited) Service Oriented Architectures for Mathematics Assistance Systems (Christoph Benzmüller), Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2006.
[3](Invited) Classical Higher-Order Logic --- Semantics, Proof Theory and Automation (Christoph Benzmüller), University of Potsdam, Germany, 2006.
[2](Invited) Classical Higher-Order Logic --- Theory, Applications and Problems (Christoph Benzmüller), Saarland University (scientific habilitation talk), Germany, 2006. (slides)
[1]Granularity Judgments in Proof Tutoring (poster) (Marvin Schiller, Christoph Benzmüller), KI, 2006. (poster)
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