PD Dr. Christoph Benzmüller

Heisenberg Fellow of the German Research Foundation

FU Berlin, Mathematics and Computer Science, Arnimallee 7, 14195 Berlin, Germany
Stanford University, CSLI/Cordula Hall, CA 94305-4115, USA

Tel.: +49(0)30 838 75406/52485   
Email: c.benzmueller@fu-berlin.de    Url: http://christoph-benzmueller.de

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    Professional Interests
Logic (in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, and Mathematics), Automated Reasoning, Artificial Intelligence, Theoretical Computer Science, Formal Methods, Computer-supported Mathematics, Computational Linguistics and Cognitive Science.

    Research Group / Students
Max Wisniewski (PhD student), Alexander Steen (PhD student), Frank Theiss (PhD student), Benjamin Eckstein (MSc student), Maximilian Claus (MSc student), Kim Kern (BSc student), Samuel Gfrörer (BSc student), Christian Barsch (BSc student)

    The Ontological Argument:
Visitors of my website are often interested in my recent work (in collaboration with Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo) on the verification and automation of variants and emendations of Kurt Gödel's ontological argument for the existence of God. This work had a media repercussion on a global scale. There are various articles (e.g., Spiegel Online Intl., Die Welt, Wiener Zeitung, Spiegel Online) and interviews (e.g., Telepolis, PC Zoznam, Detector.fm, ORF); a selection of further links to reports worldwide is available here. Unfortunately, and probably unavoidable, there are also a few ill informed, trashy reports like this one. If you want to learn more about our scientific work (and about what we did and what we didn't), then you may have a look at our ECAI-2014 paper. Btw, the experiments reported there can be easily recomputed on various computer platforms; the most convenient way is to use our experiment package at recomputation.org. Further recommended publications include: ArXiv, AFP, and more recently LogicAndReligionCongress. Formalization sources (in Isabelle, Coq, THF, THF-TPI), our papers and various other related material are freely accessible via our github repository.

    Main Projects (current and past)
LEO-III: Higher-Order Theorem Prover
ONTOLEO: Higher-Order Ontology-Reasoning with LEO-II
LEO-II: Higher-Order Theorem Prover
THFTPTP: An Infrastructure for Higher-order Automated Theorem Proving
OMEGA: Agent-oriented Proof Planning
DIALOG: NL-based Interaction with a Mathematics Assistance System
CALCULEMUS: Integration of Symbolic Reasoning and Symbolic Computation

    Recommended Events (personal involvement):
ANU Logic Summer School'2015 (invited course), AISSQ'2015 (keynote), Tableaux'2015 (keynote), CADE-25 (conference chair, PC), 1st World Congress on Logic and Religion (keynote), RW'2015 (invited tutorial), Deduktionstreffen'2015 (organizer), FroCoS'2015 (PC), IWIL'2015 (PC), ICAART'2015 (PC)

    Board Memberships:
Fachgruppe Deduktionssysteme der GI, IFCoLog, Logic Journal of the IGPL, Journal of Applied Logic, User Interfaces for Theorem Provers

    Some Recent Publications   (please obey copyrights; see also DBLP, Google Scholar; my Erdös number is 3)
The Higher-Order Prover LEO-II. JAR, 2015. (pdf)
Invited Talk: On a (Quite) Universal Theorem Proving Approach and Its Application in Metaphysics. Tableaux, 2015. (pdf)
There Is No Best Beta-Normalization Strategy for Higher-Order Reasoners. LPAR, 2015. (pdf)
Higher-Order Modal Logic: Automation and Applications. RW, 2015. (pdf)
Systematic Verification of the Modal Logic Cube in Isabelle/HOL. PxTP@CADE-25, 2015. (pdf)
LeoPARD --- A Generic Platform for the Implementation of Higher-Order Reasoners. CICM, 2015. (pdf)
Interacting with Modal Logics in the Coq Proof Assistant. CSR, 2015. (pdf)
Computer-Assisted Analysis of the Anderson-Hajek Ontological Controversy, Congress on Logic and Religion, 2015. (pdf)
Automating Gödel's Ontological Proof of God's Existence with Higher-order Automated Theorem Prover. ECAI, 2014. (pdf)
Higher-Order Automated Theorem Provers. Chapter in: All about Proofs, Proofs for All, College Publications, 2015. (pdf)
Automation of Higher-Order Logic. Handbook of History of Logic, 2014. (pdf)
HOL Based First-Order Modal Logic Provers. LPAR, 2013. (pdf)
Automating Quantified Conditional Logics in HOL. IJCAI, 2013. (pdf)
A Top-down Approach to Combining Logics, ICAART, 2013. (pdf)
Sigma: An Integrated Development Environment for Formal Ontology. AI Communications, 2013. (pdf)
Quantified Multimodal Logics in Simple Type Theory. Logica Universalis, 2013. (pdf)
Implementing and Evaluating Provers for First-order Modal Logics. ECAI, 2012. (pdf)
Embedding and Automating Conditional Logics in Classical Higher-Order Logic. Ann Math Artif Intell, 2012. (pdf)
Higher-Order Aspects and Context in SUMO, Journal of Web Semantics, 2012. (pdf)

I am still a passionate middle and long-distance runner. More than a decade ago I lived and trained at the Olympic Centre in Saarbrücken. In 1990 I was German Champion with the men's team in cross-country running. Feel free to beat some of my personal records: 2:25min (1000m), 3:49min (1500m), 8:14 (3000m), 14:13min (5000m), 30:04min (10000m). Since 2004 I am occasionally starting again in some street races; here are some recent results. Recently, I have also become an enthusiastic diver. Furthermore, I like skiing.

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